Only 4 Mala MPAs retire 20k

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MALAITA provincial members are called to submit their retirement of $20,000 budget spent during the 38th Malaita Second Appointed Day.

This year Malaita provincial government have allocated $660,000 budget to celebrate the second appointed day across the 33 Wards.

Out of the 33 provincial members only four have submitted the retirement of $20,000 budget.

According to information gathered from the Malaita Provincial Government its almost two months and majority of them are yet to submit their retirement of the $20,000.

So far only four MPAs have retired how they utilize their budget allocation. They are Timeas Waledala MPA for Ward 1, Felix Bosokuru MPA for Ward 29, Benjamin Baetalua MPA for Ward 2 and Glen Waneta MPA for Ward 8.

This means 29 MPAs are yet to retire their allocation and MPG calls on them to do as soon as possible. Failure to retire their fund will result in non-issuing of ward grants to them.

The next provincial ward grant is expecting to be released later this month and only wards that retired their 20k will receive their grant.

The budget was agreed to by the executive of MARA since the $100,000 budget passed by assembly for celebration this year was not enough to mark the provincial day in ward level.