SOSA gives back $645,000 to Selwyn College

Chairman of Kirio Solomon Kalu and his comittee member present the money they raise to Principal Davidson Ngwaeramo and Arch Bishop Reverend Dawea.
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Selwyn Old Scholars Association (SOSA) and students have raised $645,000 through its fundraising activities coincide with the 50th Golden Jubilee celebration of their school.

As part of celebrating the 50th Golden Jubilee the school body (SOSA) through its four divisions Kirio, MASI, Tahula and Noabu have organized fundraising activities for the past 6 months with a target of $150,000 each.

The funds will go towards schools’ renovation project set to kick start this week.

On Friday the four divisions presented the money they raised in style which brought great joy and satisfaction to former students, parents, families, students and the church.

Chairman of SOSA Robert Iroga commends each division for meeting their target adding nothing is impossible through hard work and commitment.

SOSA Chairman Robert Iroga, right, escorting the Governor General Sir David Vunagi during the presentation night on Friday.

“We are the living testimony to the success story of Selwyn College, without the school we would end up somewhere else or part of the problem but Selwyn College has transformed us to where we are today,” he said.

Iroga explains that SOSA family have the heart to support the school because they want to see future generation have access to quality education.

Kirio members showcasing school uniforms used by Selwyn College

He said with the money raised the committee will look at ways to utilize the funds.

He said the priorities areas are school sanitation and classrooms.

Tahulu division members procession to perform their presentation

He urges the new generation of SOSA to carry on the leadership so that the spirit of Unity and Faith live on forever.

School Principal Davidson Ngwaeramo confirmed the renovation of academic facilities will start this week.

The academy facilities include Science laboratory, chemistry, physics, biology and Home Economic.

He assured SOSA families that the school administration will use the funds in transparent and accountable in accordance with the ACOM and Ministry of Education.

He said if things go according to plan the school should have a new facelift by 2021.

He hopes the new facelift will serve the up coming generation for the next 50 years.

Noabu division Chairman Collin Dywane and PS Maesiola presenting amount they raise to School Principal Davidson Ngaeramo and Arch Bishop Reverend Leonard Dawea

He also stated that the renovation of boys and girls’ dormitories is the next priority area that the school administration will attain to after completing all classroom facilities.

“This means there is still a long work ahead of us,” he said.

Mr Ngwaeramo said the drama of SOSA fundraising for the past months have enacted the fundraising drive by Reverend Canon Bindon made to various part of the world to raise funds for the school after the cyclone Namu in 1986.

He said it is important that the true spirit of SOSA must keep alive at all times to ensure each generation take turn to ensure the learning environment is clean and safe for future scholars to enjoy.

He commends students from 1970-2021 for the good work they have done to raise the much-needed fund and give back to the school.