‘Nurses should be prioritised’


A concerned citizen says more government priority should be given to nurses in the country.

The individual who wishes to remain anonymous says she had experienced seeing only one nurse tending to a ward in the national referral hospital who by the time her shift had ended was still working.

She expressed that there is more that meets the eye for situations like this, adding that there are other factors which might have led to why another nurse was unable to make it on time resulting in only one nurse covering for about half of her shift before retiring.

The concerned individual stressed that when it comes to nurses necessities like proper housing, sanitation and transportation availability should not be overlooked or better yet improved.

She voiced that if the government through the ministry of health utilized the area opposite the St Barnabas Cathedral Church and turn it into an apartment complex for nurses with proper sanitation it would be not only be a healthy environment for nurses who are to provide care and services to the sick and risk their health to work tirelessly but it would also be much closer to the hospital saving transportation costs and time.

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