Nothing wrong with sister provinces wanting to be a part of us: MMF president

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ACCORDING to the President of Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF), Martin Housanau, there is nothing wrong with sister provinces wanting to be a part of the forum.

Speaking during a recent annual general meeting, he stressed that although Malaita Ma’asina Forum was established with its own institution only for the people of Malaita, there other provinces who feel that they are already a part it based on their past involvement in the Ma’asina movement.


He explained that in the past, when Ma’asina Ruru was first put together back in the 1940s, it did not only involve Malaita province but also some areas of Makira, Isabel, Guadalcanal and Central Islands.

Henceforth, Housanau says that the provinces have heard about the issues they have discussed in their forum and feel that they should also be a part of these issues.

He furthered that these issues are not only relevant in Malaita province but also in Central, Isabel, Guadalcanal and Makira provinces and in other provinces who did not take part in Ma’asina movement in the past.

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