Nurses found to be selling drugs: Gov’t


Government has accused nurses of illegally selling medical drugs.

Secretary to the prime minister, Dr Jimmie Rodgers uttered this allegation during a press conference last week.

He also suggests that this alleged practice is caused by nurses’ low salaries.

“There are observations nurses selling drugs. They should not be selling drugs, that is illegal.

“If nurse were found selling drugs, it means drugs are coming from the National Medical Store and Government suppliers,” he said.

“The other reason is because maybe their earning is very low hence, they want to supplement it; but it is still wrong.

“They should not be selling because you might never know that you are selling good drugs but if you don’t know enough about it you could kill someone,” he said.

Rodgers said “for Solomon Islands, even the shops are selling drugs, but they are not supposed to sell drugs because the Pharmaceutical Benefits Act is very clear.

“Only pharmacies can sell and there are no other laws in this country, but then again because there is no much way of implementing these laws thus, people can buy medicine anywhere in town.

On the same note adds, a minor corrupt activity at the National Medical Store has been identified and has raised public concern. This is regarding NSD selling drugs to pharmacist.

“That said, the Ministry of Health is looking at ensuring whatever is bought for the public its management must be such that is accountable.

“There is no problem that NSD suppling for pharmacists because that provided for but it must be through a proper procurement process and must send money through Finances and through hidden accounts somewhere,” Rodgers said.

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