MEHRD starts notifying successful applicants for SIG scholarship awards


APPLICANTS or students who have applied for the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) scholarship for 2023 are being urged to log in their accounts on the Solomon Islands Tertiary Education and Skills Authority (SITESA) online portal.

In a latest statement yesterday posted on their Facebook page Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) advised candidates that they have now commenced notifying successful recipients on the online portal.

“Applicants or student who have applied are advised to log into their accounts on the SITESA online-portal.

“Successful recipients for the SIG Scholarship 2023 are currently been notified through the SITESA online portal.

“This notification is inclusive of the Awardees’ Conditional Offer and other notifications required for the facilitation to the next steps.

“Only successful applicants are being notified.” MEHRD said.

The prolong delay to release award have caused frustration to applicants who said that the most regional institutions have already kicked off lectures on 13th February.

The applicants said such delay will cause problem to them in terms of registration and aligning their offers with that of universities.

Meanwhile, the applicants have repeatedly called on SITESA to update them on the scholarship progress.

They said the SITESA website is one of the platforms which SITESA can use to communicate crucial updates about the status and progress of the scholarship awards.

However, the website was not updated since December 2022.

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