Numbu commemorates National Toothbrush Day in fun facts


NUMBU community in east Guadalcanal province celebrated the National Toothbrush Day with emphasis on the importance of tooth brushing for two minutes, twice a day and every day.

Students and people of Numbu community yesterday were supplied with more than 1000 free Colgate and toothbrush from the Low Enterprise Limited—main Colgate distributor in the country.

This is part of increasing awareness to communities and schools about the healthy habit of tooth brushing.

The event convened representatives from GP Health officers particularly Dental Division and Colgate representatives in Solomon Islands with the key message: Brush twice a day for strong, healthy teeth.

Primary Head Master on the left with other teacher join the students in the river for a tooth brushing session

On Tuesday was full of fun and facts as well with the organisers actually educating, teaching and demonstrating how to brush one’s teeth to adults, youths and children.

GP’s Chief Dental Officer Dr Angella Tahani encourages the community about hygiene, saying ‘when we talk about washing body always think of washing mouth and tooth as well’.

She said G-Province approximately has a population of 110,000 people and this huge population is served by only one dental facility in the Good Samaritan hospital.

Students happily brush their teeth

“If there is something we can do in a place where there is no enough clinics to brush our tooth, we can brush our tooth in our own houses without dentist telling us,” she said.

Tahani urged mothers of Numbu community and people of Guadalcanal province to teach their children about the importance of tooth brush because healthy teeth contribute to wellbeing of a child.

“Every time they teach how to wash your hands, always remember to wash your mouth with Colgate twice a day and every day too,” she said.

Principal for Numbu Community High School Mr James Sikua said the school is excited such event is hosted down to community level.

GP’s Chief Dental Officer Dr Angella Tahani made key message about importance of tooth brushing twice a day and everyday

He said such brings opportunity for both students and communities learn how to brush tooth and keep them properly.

He said school syllabus is not really teaching children how to tooth brush and manage mouth as way of individual’s hygiene.

“We are so privilege that you show us, aware us and maybe after this National Toothbrush Day I hope everyone turn up should know how to keep teeth properly and sustain our teeth,” he said.

Colgate representative Mr Kavneel Sharma said the National Toothbrush Day held every year with support from Ministry of Health with aim to increase awareness on the importance of tooth brush.

“Brushing our teeth as least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste prevents toothache and gum disease,” Mr Sharma said.

“For a beautiful and healthy lifestyle, let us continue to brush our teeth twice a day with the fluoride toothpaste,” he adds.

Students of the Numbu ECE school proud with free supply of Colgate from the Low Price Enterprise Ltd

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