Numbu chief appreciates GP government


Chief Benjamin Samanea

CHIEF for Numbu community in East Guadalcanal province has announced appreciation for the Guadalcanal provincial government that the National Toothbrush Day was commemorated at the community level.

This year’s National Toothbrush Day was celebrated with the Numbu community.

Numbu Chief Benjamin Samanea said tooth brushing is crucial to healthy lifestyle, and awareness conducted which coincided with National Toothbrush Day is rightly timed for villagers and students.

Samanea on behalf of the men, women, youths and children, conveyed appreciation and thanked the GP government for choosing their community to raise awareness on the importance of tooth brushing.

He said educating Numbu community about tooth brushing is crucial for current generation as part of their healthy lifestyle that connects with social and physical attraction of a person.

Guadalcanal Provincial Chief Dental Officer Dr Angella Tahani said the National Toothbrush Day is a celebration for GP, and is an initiative by Colgate for Pacific Island countries.

She said for this event GP is the first province in Solomon Islands which started the celebration among other countries which have already hosted theirs.

Tahani said it is significant all must protect their teeth by brushing it twice a day and every day with fluoride toothpaste under the theme: “Brush twice a day for strong, healthy teeth.

“Mothers, when we learn our children about eating, we must think as well that we need to teach our children how to brush teeth and eventually they will pick the tooth brush and start brushing teeth,” she adds.

Numbu community is one of the communities in the country that is well known for its healthy settings located on the eastern side of GP.

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