NRH in distress

Receiving the hand gloves on behalf of the national referral hospital, Dr Bradley Munamua (right) shakes hands with Mr Patrick, the Kava family rep. Watching on are members of the Kava family. Photo supplied
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Kava family rescues hospital with glove donation


EARLY this week, the National Referral Hospital (NRH) has received a timely donation of latex hand gloves.

The NRH had reportedly run out of latex hand gloves last week, and had already received a portion of the donation due to the urgency of the matter.

The bulk of donation was handed over Monday this week in a low-key occasion at the Kokonut Café’s Leafhaus Kava Bar.

Prominent local business man Robert Chow found out of NRH’s problem when he took his child to the hospital last week. He wasted no time in garnering help to provide the much needed gloves.

Speaking to Island Sun, Mr Chow said, “I learnt from medical personnel there that the whole hospital had ran out of gloves.

“I was told the hospital couldn’t do anything, except to wait until the next batch of supplies arrive. The hospital staff told me that it would be ‘quite a while’.

“I knew the immense importance that latex hand gloves play in medical procedures and health work, and I felt that I had to do anything to help, and fast.”

Chow immediately set to work, calling on members of the Kava family.

It is understood that the group rallied support late last week and through the weekend. By Monday this week they had put together enough to pay for a substantial amount of latex hand gloves for NRH nurses and doctors to use while waiting for government supplies.

In Monday’s handover gathering, Dr Bradley Munamua received the donation on behalf of the NRH.

Island Sun understands that this is not the first time for the Kava family of Kokonut Café to be involved in humanitarian deeds.

In previous occasions they had donated washing detergents and other washing agents to NRH when the hospital was reported to have ran out.

The Kava family had raised funds to help a family who had lost everything they had to a house fire two years back, which Island Sun had also reported on.

Chow explains, “The Kava family consists of hardworking and law-abiding citizens who come here [Leafhaus Kava Bar] whenever our busy work schedules permit to destress over a few shells of kava, and it is during our kava sessions that we usually discuss how we can help our communities and country.”

The Kava family is an informal establishment of hardworking public servants and private sector businessmen, who get together most evenings after a hard day’s work and wind down with a few shells of kava at Kokonut Café.

This shared routine has brought together members of the Kava family, and has paved way for such humanitarian activities to occur.

Island Sun has not been able to confirm with the Hospital Authorities or the National Medical Store, if the country is once again in dire need of supplies. However the issue of this shortage has been circulating in the social media platform already. Island Sun understands that, NRH administration need to place their order to the National Medical Store should they need to replenish their supplies.