WPG Members pose for a photo opportunity after the Assembly meeting. Both side of the house stand side by side demonstrating they are ready to roll out the 2021-2022 financial year operations
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Western Province reiterates federal system call

In Gizo

WESTERN Provincial Government has again expressed its stand that the province is ready to accept the federal government system.

This was highlighted during the recent provincial assembly meeting with majority of the house stand in favor of the call.

Speaking during the meeting, Premier of Western Province, David Gina said Western Province is ready for the state government system and is waiting for all the legal formalities to become a state government.

“The process and establishment of legislations for Federal System have been completed – it’s a matter that we as a province to adopt the system.

“It comes back to the province. It’s a goal to the process for over 20 years and we will take it,” he said.

“It would be a great a brilliant idea if the national government provides a provision to allow provinces that are capable to become state to adopt the Federal system,” Gina added.

However he reminds members of the house that such ambition can be achieved through cooperation and greater partnership in planning towards state government.

Gina highly recommended that there must be no mix feeling towards the idea of state government.

“We need collective support and work together on this matter,” he said.

Gina reiterated that Western Province is ready get it’s the blessing to become a state government should the government allows.