Central gov’t remains strong: Manetiva

Premier of Central Islands Province, Stanley Manetiva
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CENTRAL Islands Premier Stanley Manetiva says his government remains “strong and solid rock”.

He said this after winning last week’s motion of no-confidence by an overwhelming majority vote of nine against four.

Manetiva told Island Sun yesterday the motion did not threaten his government’s stability nor its numeral strength which stands at nine.

“Let me assure my good people of Central Islands province, as Premier responsible that we have honoured all our major government policy-based programmes to develop the province.

“I have no doubt to working close with the provincial government in maintaining the clean audit status of the Province for two consecutive years in a row is history.

“I would like to acknowledge all my energetic politicians who tirelessly work in moving the province including the staff of the provincial government,” he said.

Manetiva encourages all provincial leaders that it’s time to work together as one province moving the Central province forward.

“We should stop wasting time talking nonsense and start work to develop the Central province with local investors and improve the revenue and upgrade the standard of the province to the upper level.

“All our stakeholders, NGOs, private sectors, national government and the people should work together to improve service delivery programmes in the province,” Manetiva said.