Maneka supports Melanesian sisters with housing material


MP Samson Manake hand over iron roofing to Elder Sister Ms Rubi Kwairamo with witnesses standing besides.

MEMBER of Parliament for North Guadalcanal constituency handed over housing materials to the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia NAT household on Thursday.

The donation by MP Samson Maneka will go towards building of a permanent rest house for Melanesian Sisters at Bokonseu, East Guadalcanal province.

Elder Sister Ms Rubi Kwairamo said MP Maneka has responded positively towards the longstanding needs of having a permanent rest house for Melanesian Sisters.

She said, “Our need has been there since 1980 to date to have iron roofing, and now I am feeling blessed to receiving the donation from MP Maneka, and we hope to live under the permanent house soon.”

She said throughout the years they used sago palm leafs as roofing, and the challenge is having to repair it every year – a costly exercise.

Kwairamo said now that longstanding problem is solved thanks to Maneka for the timely response.

“Now honorable has our problem solved, and now that we receive this red color borne iron roofing for our rest house, we wish him God’s blessing in his work as a Member of Parliament,” Kwairamo said.

“On behalf of Sisters we would like to thank our MP Samson Maneka for responding to our need because so many years we struggle for building of rest house.”

Meanwhile, Maneka said, “This is a continuous support to institutions within North Guadalcanal constituency.”

He said supporting Sisters of Melanesia is part of the constituency assistance for church groups including main centres.

Maneka assured that they will continue to help them depending on what are requested.

He said he wants to assist church organisations because faith-based organisations play a big role in shaping and maintaining peace in the communities.

Meanwhile, 24 pieces of 14 feet red colour borne iron roofing were donated to the Community of the Sisters of Melanesian NAT household.

On Saturday this week, the committee of North Guadalcanal constituency will meet to set a date for distributing iron roofing to families soon.

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