Malaita and Guadalcanal teachers create way forward through peace



CEO for Malaita Education Authority Andy Siarani.

A peace ceremony has taken place during the closing of the World Teachers Day celebration 2018 in Auki last week between Malaita and Guadalcanal teachers.

The short ceremony included exchanging of gifts between both parties especially through reuniting the link and friendship as teachers regardless of what has been done in the past between the two provinces.

The short peace ceremony between these two provinces paved a way forward in the teaching profession which reflects friendship and unity amongst them as teachers.

The main intention of the peace ceremony is to have respect for them where it should be the right way teachers should be through communication and sharing.

Last Friday’s programme is the first to be done by teachers where most peace ceremonies between the two provinces have been done by the government leaders and other dignitaries.

This short peace ceremony means a lot to all teachers attending the world teacher’s day celebration where it also creates avenue for teachers from Malaita and Guadalcanal with lasting peace and by building peace through education.

Chief Education Officer of Malaita province Andy Siarani and teachers from Malaita lifting the chuku during a short peace ceremony last Friday in Auki.

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