No by-election for ward 12



HONIARA City council (HCC) says there will be no by-election for ward-12 this year.

HCC explains that its decision not to hold by-elections is because the council will be dissolved in December this year.

This was revealed by HCC office in an exclusive interview yesterday following concerns raised by ward-12 residents over past weeks.

“At the moment we are preparing for the election coming up, so for the ward 12 by-elections, for now will not be possible, choose your new member for council’s election coming up,” HCC Office said.

Council Office clarified that it was HCC who asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to give them funds of $155,000 to conduct the by-election.

However, result was negative, and it turn out HCC was requested to use the service grant which is a different grant allocation.

Chief Steve Firibae, an outspoken leader from the ward 12 constituency, had earlier called on the Honiara City Council to clarify what has happened to funds meant for the by-election.

He had claimed that the HCC had misused the fund.

He also adds ward 12 had been neglected for almost three years and people want to know its grant allocation yearly and requested if an audit is conducted.

Chief Firibae said, “There are lots of young people who do nothing, so I think it is better for young people to apply for the ward grant and done something worthwhile for their lives.

“But at this point of time, we did not know where the ward grant is, what has been done to it, and we want the City Major and City Clerk to explain to us.”

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