Unlicensed car wash illegal: HCC



The car wash operating along the Kola ridge graveyard road.

HONIARA City Council has labelled car washing businesses in Honiara as illegal, due to ‘running without licence’.

Concerns had been raised earlier by retail businesses and car-wash businesses who question why they are paying licence fees when there are many car-washing operations going on in Honiara which are not paying HCC-licence fees.

The HCC Office clarified that car wash businesses which are operating without licence and continue to take money from people for their service is unlawful.

“Within the city boundary under its ordinance, once collecting money from people without a licence, you commit an offence because of collecting money from the public.”

Council said people running such services should obtain licence, and establish the services through a process similar to other car washing business established properly within Honiara.

HCC explained the area is a public area, meaning it belongs to the public to enjoy such environment surroundings.

HCC’s Law Enforcement has already reportedly cracked down on the issue.

Council Office explained only way to change such areas is, elected Counsellors must review the act in order to meet the challenges and issues the city has face.

Meanwhile, HCC has 12 divisions with 12 counsellors who are to execute the services.

“If they don’t do their job then that is what will happen,” the HCC Office said.

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