Ngella Forum Team carry out awareness on impacts of logging and mining


SOCIAL Media’s famous Ngella Forum Team went to Toga Village at Sandfly Passage Central Islands Province (CIP) over the weekend purposely to carry out awareness on the effects of logging and mining.

Plus, there was the signing of petition against anymore logging and mining prospect to take place in Ngella.

Five voluntary men were in the team that went for the awareness as part of NGF’s plans and vision to address issues affecting Ngella People.

Ngella Forum Team

Speaking to NGF, Frank Malana a school teacher at St Joseph Dala Community high school said NGF must stand to take side and develop tourism helping individual tourism operators in Ngella as a whole.

He elaborated on reality that not much development has taken place along Sandfly passage or the whole of Ngella apart from other small cash earning businesses as for them, they mostly depend on the sea for cash earning (fishery) but on a small scale only.

According to report reaching Island Sun, hundreds of people including community leaders, women and students of young age as far as 8 years old had signed the petition and have given their support to stop anymore logging or mining in Ngella.

Ngella Forum Team carrying out awareness on impacts of logging and mining

It is said that the mining and logging petition will cover the whole of Ngella and will be launched this Friday on June 1 at Tulaghi Provincial Headquarter.

The main speakers of the awareness program were Mr Kenneth Sagupari and William Rea conveying powerful advocacy messages to say no to logging and mining.

Ngella Forum’s Constitution will be launched by July this year and encourages young educated graduates and secondary students from Ngella and the people of Ngella to join the Forum in order to give ideas contributing to issues that affect Ngella.

This is by contributing also on strong positive ways in how to address issues mainly affecting the livelihood of the people.

The main vision of NGF for organised awareness programs is to help develop tourism in Ngella as sustainable development suites the Island before it is too late.

“We must first stop logging and mining because they do not go together. This is our chance to protect our land and future,” said NGF.

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