Campaigns for next year’s NGE begin



THE national general election fever is reportedly on the rise, months away from the polling date.

Some intending candidates are reportedly carrying out awareness campaigns.

A concern voter in Auki John Thompson said, “The coming national election is crucial and I treat it as a decider for the nation.

“We know all our problems and hiccups and we indigenous Solomon Islands to vote wisely.”

He voices the concern that most candidates are reportedly resorting to using cash as a means of buying favour, something which he said should have been done away with.

“I appeal to all Solomon Islanders during when we cast out votes we are not to elect those people that give us money but vote quality leaders that heard and know the cries of our women, men, children in our rural areas.

“Today the future of our children is in our hands and we must make good decisions for the future.”

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