New Western MPAs told to unite, lead


ELECTED Member of Provincial Assembly for Ward 10 in Western Province has called on leaders to come together for the sake of the province.

Freedom Tozaka made the comments following the growing number of camps being established as newly elected MPAs vied to form the next government.

Tozaka said Western Province needs all the elected leaders to display maturity and lead the province for the public good.

He said people must realize developments plans and provisions that touches people’s lives.

He added elected leaders should represent their people and not self-interest that has benefits no one.

“It’s not a time to display cheap politics. If we continue to hunger for power, the interest of our people will be forgotten.

“We must come together and carry the burden of the people.

“My interest is not in the number game during this time of lobbying to work together to form a government that will stand for the interest of the people.”

He said people of Western Province have gone through tough times for the past six months and there is no room for politicking.

“Our people are looking at us, the elected leaders to rescue them from the suffering they have gone through.

“This, in my opinion, is what matters to them.

“So I appeal to all elected leaders to leave politics and self-interest aside and focus on forming a strong assembly that will represent our people in the next four years,” Tozaka said.

Island Sun understands that there were three camps already established and are lobbying for members to join them.

According to reports, Rence Sore, Edward Ngava and Billy Veo are leaders of these three camps.

It is still unclear which camp has the number.

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