New equipment to Forestry

Vaeno Vigulu, left, receiving the donated equipment from FAO’s Raushan Kumar.
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The Ministry of Forestry and Research (MOFR) received video conferencing equipment donated by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

With this facility being installed, MOFR will be able to efficiently conduct meetings with other ministry colleagues as well as with partners and stakeholders.

This will enhance the communication ability of ministry officials.

The brief handover ceremony was conducted at MOFR head office.

FAO’s Technical Advisor, Raushan Kumar handed over the video conferencing equipment to Permanent Secretory Dr Vaeno Vigulu.

Vaeno recognized the FAO’s support in ensuring effectiveness in connectivity and communication.

Due to unavailability VC facility, it was difficult to attend national, regional, and global virtual meetings and now this facility available, meetings can be attended in a more professional manner, he added.

FAO’s assistance to MOFR is to empower the ministry’s outreach to all stakeholders.

Kumar acknowledged that FAO recognises the importance of such facilities and happy to assist MOFR.