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New covid-19 infections likely

Honiara is the beating heart of the country's economy.


THERE is the possibility of new infection of covid-19 or a third wave following the reopening of our border on July 1.

This was mentioned in the Ministry of Health and Medical Services advisory number-three.

“With the easing of public and social measures and more importantly the reopening of our borders on the 1st of July there is also possibility of new infection of covid-19 and third wave,” the advisory said.

The health advisory stressed admissions at health facilities are also declining as well but health is recording few cases in provinces.

“Therefore, the Ministry of Health is issuing this advocacy to guide us on how to continue mitigate any possible risks of covd-19 to our communities,” the statement said.

The advisory further mentioned to practices the covid-19 health safety measures, business houses and critical infrastructures like shops and banks to follow and strengthen covid-19 safe practices, for person experiencing covid-19 symptoms to get tested at any of Honiara City Council (HCC) clinics and incoming travellers will not undergo mandatory quarantine bur they are advised to adhere to and observe covid-19 protocols.

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