Taxi fleets meet to seek fare increase

Taxi drivers and owners attending the meeting on Sunday
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TAXI fleets serving Honiara have set up a committee to negotiate with authorities on the possibility of increasing taxi fares.

This after the continuous hike in fuel prices over the last few months, which has forced taxi owners to dig deep to ensure the survival of their business.

At a meeting on Sunday, representatives of 10 radio operated Taxi fleet decided to set up a committee with the purpose of increasing the Kilometer rate from $10 to $15 and the hourly rate from $100 to $150.

The committee made up of representatives from the taxi services also would work with authorities on deciding on the right process and avenue to implement the proposed increase.

Taxi owners who gathered would like to call on the public for their understanding given the rising fuel price and the high cost of maintaining their vehicles.

The Taxi committee set up to meet with authorities

The committee, therefore said with the recent chaos with buses demanding an increase in bus fares, they are prepared to negotiate it in the legal way and in due course inform the public on the timing of any implementation.

They emphasized on dialogue before any decisions are made.

 Meanwhile, the spokesman and interim Chairman of the Honiara Taxi Association, Jimmy Tavoa told Yumi Tok Tok forum this is their proposal and our negotiation amount.

“We will start talking to responsible authorities and present our proposal.

“We will justify our proposal but will listen to authorities on what they have to say about our proposed increases.

“Whatever reached during the negotiation process we will accept it.

“But definitely we will go for an increase from the $10,” said Tavoa.

Tavoa explains that they should only apply or implement these new rates/charges after HTA formalizes discussions with rightful authorities.