Wale irked by increase in Police trainings

RSIPF members undergoing training recently
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Since the riots, a noticeable change was in the increase of trainings conducted and equipment supplied to our police forces by foreign Governments.

 What we have not seen however, is the change in our own Government’s style of leadership.

According to the Leader of Opposition, the latter is what we need to address our internal security issues.

In his recent statement made at the demonstration of joint training, PM Sogavare said that there needs to be a permanent arrangement with PRC to ensure gaps within the RSIPF & CSSI are identified and addressed. According to the PM, this was to ensure that RSIPF & CSSI are capable of dealing with internal threats.

However, the Opposition Leader insists that this is not the permanent solution to our internal security issues.

According to Wale, this is because the root causes to the Nation’s security will still remain unsolved.

“It is undeniable that our security issues are internal, and our police forces must continue to grow in their capacity and ability to deal with security issues.

“However, it is also undeniable that our Nation’s security concerns are heavily linked with problems of corruption, high levels of unemployment, no access to education, poor health services, a low paid public sector, a suffocated private sector, and an exploitative economy that only benefits a few.”

Wale said because our security concerns have underlying causes the solution cannot be a military response.

 Wale insists that the permanent solution is a government and leadership that listens and is responsive to the cries and voices of the people.

“Listening and responding to the voices of the people has not been something Government has been doing. Under the PM’s leadership, Government’s attitude towards Provinces and the people has been a rule by power approach.

“This is clearly a problem that needs addressing when it comes to our security concerns.”

Wale insists that PM Sogavare should have no problem identifying this gap in his style of leadership and addressing it given his adequate analysis of the gaps that exist in the police force.

“Moving forward, what our country needs in terms of security is a government that listens and responds to the people.

“What we do not need is a government that can order a strong military response, while at the same time is deaf to its own people. That, is a recipe for disaster,” Wale concludes.