New clinic for Wanderer Bay Community

Cutting of ribbon Wanderer Bay Clinic: Premier Veke joined by MPA for Wanderer Bay, GP-Provincial Secretary , GP Director of Nursing and Community leaders.

THE people of Wanderer Bay in West Guadalcanal Constituency are celebrating their new Rural Health Clinic (RHC) official handed over to them by Premier Anthony Veke.

It is the second clinic Premier Veke opened and handed over to two communities in West Guadalcanal Constituency last week.

Wanderer Bay clinic is a culminating result of tripartite partnership between Guadalcanal Province, ADRA Solomons (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) and the local community.

The project was initiated by Dr Silent Tovosia in collaboration with ADRA Solomons and the local community with approval from Premier Anthony Veke based on felt-needs-assessment.

Premier Veke acknowledged Tovosia for his desire to set up the clinic and thanked the land owners for availing the land the facility was built on.

“Your reception of an ADRA funded project in a catholic dominant region show your level of civilisation and understanding that health care needs transcend religious denomination divides. For that, I wish to thank ADRA Volunteers from Australia who built this excellent facility together with you the local community. Please take ownership of it and look after it well.” Premier Veke told them.

“I have done my part as your leader to ensure this project eventuate when Doc Tovosia approached me with the proposal. I will continue to work for you to ensure drugs and other vital clinical supplies and a nurse is posted soon to your clinic,” he assured them.

Director of Nursing – Guadalcanal Province, Mr Japhet Honimae in delivering his speech assured the community that GP-Health Division is going to stock up the clinic and shall be posting a nurse soon.

Community Representative Mr Apolinare Parugu thanked Tovosia and his wife, ADRA Solomons for the building, Landowners for the space and commended Mr Veke for his approval of the project.

People of Wanderer Bay normally access medical attention at Fox Bay or Tangarare which is a treacherous journey by boat. Now they have the facility right in front of their doorstep.


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