Veke hands over 2 new clinics in West Guadalcanal

Premier Veke delivering his speech at Wanderer Bay. Photos from GP Media
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Premier Veke delivering his speech at Wanderer Bay. Photos from GP Media

GUADALCANAL Provincial Premier Anthony Veke officially handed over two new rural health clinics to the people of Kusumba and Wanderer Bay in West Guadalcanal Constituency.

It has been a long time cry of the people of Kusumba and Wanderer Bay to have their own clinic facilities. Leaders have come and go however none ever built such facilities for the poor especially mothers and children who have to brave long hours and covered miles and miles in distances to the nearest clinic either in Tangarare or Fox Bay. Crossing flooding rivers and croc infested waters, the Weathercoast rough seas and land terrains meant life is not easy when accessing medical facilities and seeking attention.

The tears of joy in the eyes of mothers and elderly during the handing over ceremony speaks volume of the love they have for such a leader like Mr Veke who felt their pain and suffering and facilitate the building of the clinics.

There is going to be great relief from hardship the people of Kusumba and Wanderer normal experienced when seeking medical attention. These two facilities are going to improve the standard of living of the beneficiaries.

A crying mother lamented that projects like; copper, solar, boats and OBM engines are fake developments, they have no impact like schools and clinics. “We are very thankful to our son and leader Mr Anthony Veke for initiating, facilitating, supporting and delivering real development to our people.”

Delivering his speech during the two occasions, Premier Veke reflected on the Poverty Report which showed that Guadalcanal province has the highest rate of poverty occurrence. With the various criteria used in measuring poverty, access to health facilities and healthy living is one of them. This drives him to believe in direct delivery of health and medical services and facilities down to rural communities.

Hence the reason he pushed for Kusumba clinic to be completed and approved Dr Silent Tovosia’s proposal for an ADRA funded clinic for Wanderer Bay community.

Kusumba RHC was funded by Guadalcanal Provincial Government under the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) whilst the Wanderer Bay RHC was built by Adventist Development and Relief Agency -ADRA Solomons with volunteers from Australia under a tripartite arrangement with Guadalcanal Province and Local Communities.