New BRED ATM at AJ mall

: Kukum Branch Manager, Rose Abana, and Senior Relationship Manager, Crayford Laura, with Aron Dawen Zheng, Sole Director/Shareholder of AJ Enterprises Limited
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BRED Bank Solomon has installed an ATM at the AJ City Mall at Lunga, east Honiara.

A statement from the bank says the ATM will provide needed service to BRED customers and non-customers at the eastern side of Honiara.

“BRED Bank Solomon currently has one other ATM servicing east Honiara residents, which is situated at GTL Service Station,” it said.

Owen Thomson, CEO of BRED Bank Solomon, said BRED Bank Solomon is committed to ensuring customers have access to essential basic banking service such as withdrawals.

“We do not only want to provide ATM access; we also ensure that our ATMs have sufficient funds at all times. If an ATM is down, our customers are usually informed via our Facebook page,” Thomson said.

Staff of Bred Bank with the new ATM machine at AJ Mall.

“The new ATM is open for the public during the day when the mall is open. It is located right next to the escalator on the first floor,” he added.

“The daily ATM withdrawal limit is SBD8000 in multiples of SBD2000. BRED ATMs also accept VISA, MasterCard, and other International Cards.”

Other BRED ATMs are located at GTL (Lunga), BRED Bank Haus (Kukum), Pacific Casino (Kukum), Honiara City Council (Point Cruz), Point Cruz Branch (Commonwealth Street), LEL (Point Cruz), Solomon Post (Point Cruz), Coral Sea Casino, and Gaoming Building (Rove).

“For a modern, friendly, and comfortable environment for all your banking needs, visit BRED Bank Solomon at Kukum or Point Cruz.

“BRED Bank offers a full range of quality products including Mobile and Internet banking, with the highest level of professional service. From individual clients to large corporations, BRED has a banking service to suit everyone.”