New Act paves learning opportunities for all


THE Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, Dr Franco Rodie, emphasized during the celebration of the Education Act that this marks the beginning of innovative teaching strategies for improvement.

“We are standing at a crucial juncture in the history of education in our country, where we must envision a new future for education, ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive. We cannot afford to revert to the outdated education systems of the past,” stated Mr. Rodie.

Dr Rodie said he is confident that with the new Education Act and accompanying documents like the Education Funding Code, Administrative Instructions, and Learning Framework, will witness a significant enhancement in the quality of education, leaving a lasting impact on all learners.

While the commencement date of the Education Act is yet to be determined, along with its gazetting and approval of subordinate documents, our journey is far from completion. However, the collaborative efforts have already made a difference to our key education stakeholders and the beneficiaries of our education system—our children. Let’s roll up our sleeves and continue this journey with even greater dedication.

PS Rodie said reflecting on the progress made in just a decade, it is inspiring to think about the possibilities for the next ten years. A key takeaway from this achievement is the importance of intentional collaboration across all levels of the education system and with other key stakeholders and agencies supporting students, families, and teachers.

With the new Education Act, our ambitions for the next decade rightly shift from not only emphasizing Education for All but focusing on Learning for All.

“Today, we declare that, guided by the Education Act and innovative teaching and learning strategies, every child in every corner of our country should have the opportunity to attend school and enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning.

“We have the courage to assert that we can and must do better this time around. The Education Act, along with supporting documents developed by my Ministry in collaboration with development partners, underscores the importance of a child’s education and our commitment to achieving educational outcomes differently”, Dr Rodie said.

He also said while acknowledging the progress from the reform program, they also recognize that more effort is needed to turn the slogan of leaving no one behind into a tangible reality.

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