Rubbish collection at White River Market

DEAR EDITOR, I write with regards to the abovementioned issue.

The White River Market has been in operation for the past 5 odd years and during those years it has grown significantly.

With its growth came the accumulation of rubbish.

In those years, I can count with my hands the number of times the Honiara Town Council came to remove the rubbish.

In those years as well, the market was shut down only to reopen in a short number of days.

Why it was shut down and reopened is unknown.

I would like to know who is responsible for rubbish collection.

I understand people who live along the side of the roads are collecting money from market vendors to use the space in front of their house to sell their produce.

If the Honiara Town Council does not see this as a designated market area, therefore its refusal to remove the rubbish and waste, why won’t they close down the market operation?

Currently rubbish is carted from the market area and dumped in the drains next to the White River Bridge or in the river itself.

This attracted flies and stray dogs and becoming a health threat.

It is very unhygienic and not good for the environment as well as the people who are living next to this rubbish dump.

I urge the responsible authorities to please take action of this issue which has been going on for a long time.

Please Honiara Town Council, do something.

Angellah Anisi

USP Campus


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