MV Ongou to deliver covid-19 assistance to Ongtong Java

Mr Wei of Red Star shopping delivered the bags of rice purchased by MOI constituency office to Mr Seulu at the Wharf .Photos BY MAVIS N PODOKOLO
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MV ONGOU is preparing to depart for Ongtong Java for the purpose of delivering COVID-19 assistance rendered by the Member of Parliament for Malaita Outer Islands Martin Kealoe.

Mr Kealoe through the Malaita Outer Islands constituency office provided 120 tonnes of rice, equivalent to 6000 20kg bags of rice to assist the people of MOI during this pandemic.

Hardworking boys loading bags of Rice

Mr Kealoe upon delivering these of assistance said this support will sustain families in ward 31 Liuania and ward 32 Pelau.  

On the same note he acknowledged the director Marine, Commissioner of Police, Malaita Province Oversight Committee and the national government for the exemption to allow the MV Ongou to carry the assistance to Ontong Java today.

Mr Seulu and one of the many hardworking boys posed with bags of rice

On the same note, Constituency Accountant Officer Frazer Seulu confirmed that Mr Kealoe through the constituency office had also supported his people residing in Honiara and those from Tetere to Aruligo.

Seulu said Sikaiana will be the next ward to receive their covid-19 support from the MOI constituency office.

He said shipment date is yet to be confirmed.