MPG staffs brief on progress of Bina project


A team from Bina Harbor office in Honiara briefed Heads of Department (HOD) under Malaita provincial government yesterday in Auki.

The 3-hour briefing session aimed at enlightening the staffs on the progress and the current status of the development of the program.

The session supposed to be held with the executive of Malaita provincial government but wasn’t eventuated and held with HODs instead.

During the session, MPG staffs were briefed on the multi-million-dollar project, which will host a seaport and a tuna processing plant.

They also learned on the progress of the project, its development plan and different donors and stakeholders that are together behind the project

An important are raised during the session was on establishing close tie with MPG to partner in the development of the project.

This is important for the province to provide support in areas needed under their capacity to drive the project forward and achieve its ultimate goal.

The project is currently administered under the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource, and when materializes it will require more government ministries to join in.

PS acting for Malaita province, Mr Francis Irofimae acknowledged Bina project team to inform Malaita provincial staffs on the project.

He said Bina is an important mega economic project for Malaita province and when completes it will to address lot of issues the province and country face.

Irofimae assured MPG’s support toward the project as they will always look forward to work hand in glove with Ministry of Fisheries and donor partners on the project.

He also thanked the national government through Ministry of Fisheries (MHMR) and donor partners for continues support provided toward the project.

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