High Court sheriff charged with assault of police officer


The sheriff of the High Court is facing the magistrate court charged with assault.

Bob Waleferatelifia is accused of assaulting a police officer.

Defendant Waleferatelifia received disclosures yesterday morning from Police Prosecution.

He then sought 14 days’ adjournment from the court to allow him time to find a lawyer from the Public Solicitors office.

Court adjourned for September 27 for Waleferatelifia to return with a lawyer and to take his plea.

Bail was extended for the defendant.

Police allege that on December 23, 2022 Waleferatelifia appeared very drunk and disrespectful at the White River police station arguing with his wife, who is a police officer.

The duty officers at the Station tried to calm Waleferatelifia but he would not cooperate and did not want to listen to the officers.

Because of this attitude, White River police decided to take the defendant to the Central Police Station for safekeeping, due to reasons that he was very drunk and unable to control himself or be looked after.

Upon arrival at the Central Police Station, the defendant went through safety procedures of the safekeeping room. It was during that time, Waleferatelifia allegedly took off his long pants and threw it towards the duty officer, and it landed on his face.

The duty officer then assisted the defendant into the safekeeping room. However, inside the safekeeping room, the defendant shouted at a high voice swearing at the police officers.

The defendant ranted in front of the officers saying he was a lawyer by profession.

He was formally arrested and later charged with an offence of assault on a police officer.

Police prosecution appears for the Crown.

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