MPG serious about transforming Malaita province


MALAITA province is serious about transforming Malaita province and to ensure its development aspirations are achieve for the benefits of its people.

This was echoed by the Human Resources Manager for Malaita province, Richard Misi during a PCDF handing over ceremony to Ofabau cattle farm in Central Kwara’ae.

The outgoing Fini government had been working very hard with donors to see Malaita province is transformed.

This is by connecting Malaitans with their resources and ideas to transform Malaita economy, environment and social prosperity.

Also, part of Fini’s led government’s aim came the tar-seal project for Auki which MOU for the project had signed. The project will fund by PRC.

The HRM said this is what MPG is all about by opening its arms and embrace everyone to work together for mutual benefits especially Malaita province.

Mr Misi said it is least to say to China is no enemy to Malaita province, as it is known that no man is an island.

“Thus, we must work together and stop behaving like we can do everything by ourselves,” he said.

The HR Misi said in order for Malaita province to move forward in its development, it needs resource owners and provincial government to work together with donors.

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