MPG calls for stop to street market in Auki


MALAITA provincial government is calling on street market vendors to stop.

It threatens ‘tougher’ measures if vendors do not adhere to this call.

Deputy Provincial Secretary, Mr David Filia Tuita made the call following MPG’s plan to get tough on the illegal activity within Auki’s CBD area.

He said there is a provincial litter ordinance that prohibits such business activities along the street of Auki.

Tuita said the ordinance exists to advocate for hygiene and cleanliness of Auki town, which is for the benefit of everyone and it must be respected.

He said however people continue to carry out market activities which mostly involve betel-nut, smoke and cooked food at undesignated areas within the town.

Tuita said his office understands that illegal markets go on at the old Auki market during nights when ships arrive and even in front of Auki main market.

He said there are designated areas for cooked food, betel-nut and smokes to be sold and those involved in the activity know about it.

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