158 registered fully and commissioned


YESTERDAY One hundred and fifty-eight (158) nurses were awarded full registration and commissioned yesterday.

A timely addition of more nurses to boost the country’s efforts to strengthen its ailing health and medical services.

Yesterday’s ceremony followed the nurses’ successful completion of their Nurses Supervision Programme (SPP).

Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana addressing the commissioning ceremony said the nurses once recruited, will be distributed throughout the country to contribute to the overall delivery of health and clinical services via health facilities.

Togamana said government recognises the work of nurses as significant to the health and wellbeing of individuals, community groups and the nation as a whole.

“Without you, our system cannot stand. Thank you for choosing to do what you have been called to do and will do, for serving selflessly, for all the work that you will put in – the work we see, but especially what we do not see.

“A challenge to the newly registered nurses who are being commissioned today is to be servants of the people of this country.

“To serve means to be available when the call comes and when the need arises. It means to be steadfast with the unwavering commitment as witnessed during the period of the SPP.

“I am looking at you all that perhaps you may be the solution to the current inadequate staffing situation in the country.

“As I end, I sincerely would like to personally congratulate all of you for choosing this noble profession. In yesterday’s ceremony, you will receive your certificate of Registration which now permits you to work on your own,” he said.

National Director of Nursing Michael Larui congratulated the newly registered nurses.

Larui reiterated the expectation that the nurses will be deployed to various regions of the country upon recruitment.

He on the same note acknowledged development partners, especially the Australian government for their ongoing support to the nurses SPP.

Representative of the newly commissioned nurses in response acknowledged the support given them during their time at the SPP.

“Thank you for ensuring we are well assessed whilst delivering health care services. We also thanked those who have supported the Nurses Supervising Practice Programme (SPP), the Australian government,” the Nurse Representative said.

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