MID welcomes willingness by local contractors to remove potholes free of charge


Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) Mr. Stephen Maesiola has welcome local contractors who are willing to do road maintenance along the stretch of road between Ranadi roundabout down to Henderson, East Honiara with their machines free of charge.

Maesiola was responding to calls by a local contractor to fix the road by grading it with his own machines free of charge following the worsening road conditions.

When asked by the media during the weekly media conference last Friday Maesiola said MID welcome such proposal and urged the contractors to see them.

“If any contractor is willing to voluntary work on grading the road, I am happy to see them and give them the offer to allow them to carry out the work.” Maesiola said.

He explained that Kitano company who is currently upgrading of the road was responsible to ensure that the road is in good condition for vehicles to use on a daily basis.

Maesiola said that despite undergoing the major upgrade Kitano is responsible under their contract to ensure that the road is in good shape.

Last week the paper reported that deteriorating road conditions there has forced bus owners avoiding the patch of road resulted in students and residents residing at Lunga and Henderson to walk from Ranandi to their homes.

Mr. Maesiola also added that other contributing factors such as rain also contributed to the worsening road condition.

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