Members reminded of parliament responsibilities

By Gary Hatigeva

SPEAKER of the National Parliament, Ajilon Nasiu has reminded members of Parliament (MPs) to reorganise their priorities, while at the same time respect Parliament proceedings and schedules.

The Speaker made this statement when giving his remarks to welcome members before Parliament resumed for its seventh sessions under the 10th Parliament yesterday.

Mr Nasiu was also making this statement in response to the delayed start of the sitting due to late arrivals of members to form a quorum according to parliament schedule.

“This is also to avoid the issue of quorum and I encourage members to make good use of this meeting,” Nasiu stressed.

In an earlier statement, the Speaker made similar calls to MPs but yesterday’s situation had forced him to reiterate the importance of attendance of all members to all sittings of parliament.

He said this is to allow parliament to continue deliver its overall mandate as the law making institution of the country, and this he added, calls for the cooperation of all members to attend parliament.

On the same note, His Excellency, Governor General Sir Frank Kabui also in an earlier statement reminded MPs that people hold envious confidence in their leadership abilities and capabilities, to provide sound guidance and clear vision, not as micro-scale project managers, but as national legislators.

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