IMO is coming next year

By Mike Puia

THE International Maritime Organisation (IMO), which deals with world maritime, is coming next year.

IMO external auditors are interested in assessing how well this country is implementing obligations under maritime conventions it signed.

Despite being a maritime nation and a member of the IMO, this country has not been doing well in the international maritime community.

According to the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration (SIMSA) Director, Captain Tim Harris, the IMO auditors are also interested in assessing how well this country is implementing the amendments of these conventions.

IMO member countries, including Solomon Islands, have 580 obligations.

As for Solomon Islands, SIMSA has conducted an audit from 2016 to 2017 and found out that this country only satisfied 10 percent of these obligations.

The last convention this country signed is the Civil Liability Convention it signed in1992.

Mr Harris said there are important conventions, like the Fund Convention 1971 and Protocol 1992, this country has not signed.

He said these two conventions gives this country access to huge funding without costing the country anything.

The convention allows a signature country to access millions in an event there is an oil spill.

Harris said the IMO auditors are interested to look at the legal system in the country, the work of Parliament with regards to maritime legislation, the work of the Attorney General Chamber, the work of the High Court, the condition of the industry and ships and how well the SIMSA is implementing the content of the conventions.


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