Products expensive and no price tags, say tourists


RECENT international visitors to Honiara have complained that local products are expensive and that they do not have any price tags on them.

This is the feedback from tourists on the two cruise boats which visited Honiara six days ago.

They explain that the unfair practice of not tagging products allows venders to change prices to different tourists. Some may pay more than others.

The tourists suggest the country applies standard pricing and to enforce venders to put price tags on their products.

However, on the overall, tourists said they really enjoyed the whole day here.

SIVB Senior Marketing Officer, Mr Ellison Kyere said the issue of pricing and price tag has been a talked-about issue for a long time.

Kyere said responsible authorities have progressively worked on it with associations such the Artist Association of Solomon Islands, Fashion Association and SIWIBA.

He adds venders should have price tags on their products and that their prices must be reasonable.

“The issue is a long time issue, SIVB considered the feedbacks but currently we are not really strict but we will try to work on that to ensure it becomes regulated,” Kyere said.

Kyere said if everything becomes regulated all products will not be displayed on the ground, and they must have price tags and pricing should be under control.

The significant part is the marketability of Solomon Islands and lasting impression for tourists to return, Kyere adds.

Meanwhile, President of Artist Association of Solomon Islands, Mr Bannie Ronnie said there are several contributing factors to why pricing varies and are high.

He explains that many of the venders retailers who buy products from local artists and carvers and resell them to the tourists.

For price tag and price control, Ronnie supports the idea of enforcing regulations for the country’s reputation with regards to tourism development.

He encourages ministries responsible to look at this issue seriously.

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