Market reopens in Auki

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The Malaita provincial government has allowed the Auki market opened temporarily amid the covid outbreak there.

The government says this temporary measure aims at helping ease the financial hardships faced by vendors and their families, who have been hit hard by the lockdown and movement restrictions.

This includes betel nut vending and selling of other local foods.

A letter from Deputy Permanent Secretary of MPG on Tuesday says due to the current pandemic situation there are measures to adhere to when selling products at Auki central market.

Therefore, vendors are advised to follow tentative program for market vendors to enable them resume markets, but only at approved days and times.

The schedule as follows.

Fish and chips, cooked food sausage and cake are allocated for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6am – 4pm.

Bake food and lakeno, tea, coconut oil and shell money etc are scheduled for Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays 6am – 4pm.

According to the letter, the temporary arrangements will be strictly monitor and assess as per our current require covid-19 practices and standard.

Also note that upon consultation with the premier, he appointed somebody to look after the betel-nut market to implement rules or covid-19 measures required.