Malaitans warned to follow covid-19 rules

Kiluufi hospital
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MINISTER of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana has strongly reminded people in Malaita to adhere to lockdowns that are enforced.

He made the call during his national update on Tuesday evening following increase of covid cases in the province.

“To our good people in Malaita; it is critically important now than ever that all COVID-19 safe and health measures are to be strictly practised and complied with at household family levels.

“Any lockdowns or restrictions of people movements that will be enforced, must be seriously adhered to. As it was often mentioned by the Prime Minister on several of his nation address on Covid-19 pandemic, the virus can ONLY spread when we move and interact more.”

He said the virus finds a host to survive – to keep itself alive.

“Therefore, limit people movements between homes and communities and only do so if it’s necessary.

“Always wear face masks when going out or cover mouth and nose with a cloth if you don’t have face masks. Constantly practice hand washing, maintain social distancing, coughing into bent elbow and DO NOT organize any large gatherings nor participate in one.

“It is also important not to stigmatize those tested positive for COVID-19 or carrying COVID-19 like symptoms.

“Be supportive and provide encouragement to each other at this difficult time.

“Please follow the guidelines issued by the provincial and national government on how to care for a COVID-19 positive case in your homes and protect yourself,” Togamana added.