Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani
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Nine plan to leave Suidani



NINE MPAs of the Malaita provincial government are planning to resign, Island Sun was reliably informed yesterday.

These nine MPAs are reportedly in Honiara at the moment, preparing to tender in their resignation from the MARA government.

This would leave Premier Daniel Suidani’s Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government with a minority of just seven members in the 33-member assembly.

This mass walkout is reportedly linked to the recent sacking of deputy premier Randol Sifoni following his activities, which premier Suidani saw as compromising the MARA government in light of ongoing hostilities between MARA and the national DCGA government.

MARA had governed with a 18-member majority before it kicked out Mr Sifoni.

If the nine MPAs group with the 16 non-executives, they will have a vast majority of 25 MPAs.

This is according to a source (MPA) who is on the executive side.

He told Sun Auki yesterday that the nine MPAs are currently in Honiara as they are mobilising themselves.

The source said names of the nine MPAs are already known and MARA government is just waiting for the official handing in of their resignations.

Meanwhile, he said MARA government sees the current move as politically motivated.

The source said MARA government is however, stable and any plan to oust them will not succeed.

The source said that MARA government has already identified MPAs to replace any executive member who resigns.

He said MARA government has an overwhelming number on their side and they are confident despite this commotion.

The source called for working together amongst provincial leaders as any plan to oust MARA government will not succeed.

An email sent to MARA Government for comments has not been responded to.