Beche-de-mer harvest reopens

THE Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) has lifted the beche-der-mer ban, reopening the harvest period for a year, starting today.

And the ministry advised interested Beche-de-mer (BDM) operators, exporters, fishermen, fisherwomen and the general public that the BDM Fishery ban will be revoked and effective on 1st September 2021 to 1st September 2022.

The Cabinet, through its special meeting on Thursday 26th August 2021, resolved that due to the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID -19) and its impacts on the economy and livelihoods of our people, the opening of the BDM Fishery has been confirmed.

“All interested BDM operators, exporters, fishermen, fisherwomen are allowed to fish, in possession of, buying and selling and exporting of BDM as of 1stSeptember 2021 until 1st September 2022,” a statement from the ministry said.

“You are also further advised that two species of sea cucumbers, white teatfish (Holothuria fuscogilva) and black teatfish (Holothuria nobilis) had been listed as endangered under Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) which is adopted under theWildlife Protection and Management (Amendment) Act 2016,” it added.

“However, Solomon Islands as a party to the CITES can only trade these endangered listed species under CITES Trading and Management requirements.

“This means that the white teatfish and black teatfish will only be harvested and exported pursuant to CITES trading and management requirements and Wildlife Protection and Management (Amendment) Act 2016.

“All interested BDM operators, exporters, fishermen, fisherwomen and the general public are requested to take note of this notice. MFMR would like to further advice that harvesting, processing and selling of sea cucumbers and beche-de-mer before the 1st of September 2021 is illegal.

“Any perpetrators found in possession of, selling or export of beche-de-mer before 1st of September 2021 will be prosecuted with severe penalties according to the laws of Solomon Islands.

“Should you have any queries on the subject matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Fisheries, Mr. Edward Honiwala on Phone 39151 or Email: [email protected]


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