Malaita MPAs urged to abort plan to leave MARA



The Malaita for Democracy (M4D) is calling on the nine MPAs who are planning to leave the MARA government to ‘rethink and reconsider’ their decision.

This follows reports that nine provincial members (MPA) of MARA are in Honiara, ready to tender in their resignations.

M4D made this call after a meeting held in Auki yesterday on the matter.

President of M4D, Knoxly Atu told media the purpose of the meeting was to call on the nine MPAs to reconsider their decision to tender their resignation from MARA government.

“We the voters and people of Malaita province have call on them to review their decision to resign from MARA government.

“If their move is centered on money they must rethink their plan and not to split Malaita provincial government just because of that,” he said.

Atu said people support the principles of the current Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government and will not likely support any new government with new agendas.

He said the people still support MARA government as it stands for what they believe and what they want for Malaita province.

Atu said the people’s call is simple and clear and it’s up to the nine MPAs to make wise decisions and rejoin the MARA government.

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