Public alcohol drinking increases in Auki



PUBLIC in Auki have voiced their concern regarding consuming of liquor unlawfully along the streets in Auki and public vehicles, which is currently increasing.

This concern was raised due to most youths including some elder people being involved in such practices which causes threat to women and children while travelling to do shopping in Auki especially during weekends.

The public strongly urge the Auki police to consider this issue before it will get worse especially to avoid accidents and other anti-social behaviours.

“We want to live in a happy environment rather than living in a kind of society that are full of violence and disturbances.” They say.

Not in Auki Township itself but most communities around Auki have also raised the same issue in their communities where most of their youths are causing lots of disturbances when consuming kwaso and other drugs.

“This is our heartfelt call to the police to control and keep our township and our surrounding communities from drinking of alcohol including kwaso and other related drugs that may cause disturbances.

“We are also witnessing that some of the drivers from the public vehicles are consuming alcohol when they drive on high speed and also causes threat to other drivers where it is not safe and also against our law when driving.

“We do not obtain us in risk when we are under the control of liquor.”

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