Malaria drug runs out at Isabel rural clinic

Medicines such as coartem are running out in one rural clinic.
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Kalenga rural health clinic in Isabel province has run out of Malaria drugs.

Malaria patients there have been advised to ask their relatives in Honiara to send them anti-malaria drugs.

Few patients spoken to yesterday said the clinic has been without drugs for months now and sick patients are suffering.

“Since our clinic do not have any drugs for Malaria, we are now drinking pawpaw leaves just to help us get better,” one patient said.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has said it is fully aware of the need of drugs in the clinics and hospitals, and is working tirelessly to replenish their supplies ‘as soon possible’.

MHMS says a total of 20 medical containers arrived and 12 have been cleared, and stock-up of medical drugs and consumables is continuing at the national medical stores.

“Urgent supplies have been distributed to the provinces immediately after removed from containers while others are kept at the national medical store (NMS) pending requests from health facilities.”

MHMS also said with the remaining eight containers to be released, distribution will continue for stock-up at the national medical store and 2nd level medical stores in the provinces and to health facilities for administration to patients.