Ngati raises concern over feeder roads

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Councillor for Vura ward Reginal Ngati has raised concerns on the deteriorating road conditions along the feeder roads in the city.

He said since the beginning of the year, no work has been carried out on the feeder roads within Vura, Kolaridge and almost all feeder roads.

“Work on these roads is important as it provides maintenance on the road to improve it’s conditions.”

“Evidently there are lot of potholes and quick action needs to be taken before it deteriorates and causes a huge challenge. This is also to avoid a hefty budget so it is best to repair them now,” he added.

Ngati said these feeder roads serves Government officials, public servants and the general public and is an important infrastructure.

“I call on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) to look into this matter and help address it for the public’s sake,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ngati thanked MID for the work which had been carried out on drainages and road maintenances and look forward for continuous partnership.