Malango chiefs call for return of land

THE people of Malango Ward, Central Guadalcanal, reaffirm and reiterate previous declarations and statements that the land from Lunnga (Betikaman River) in the west to Bokonavua (near Foxwood) in the east customarily and traditionally belong to them.

“We are the rightful traditional and customary owners of the area, the land commonly referred to as Levers Land,” said Vice Chairman of Malango House of Chiefs, Paramount Chief Justus Denni.

“This land is our traditional hunting, fishing and gardening area,” he added.

“Malango people are the traditional owners and custodians of the land since time immemorial.”

Because of our traditional ownership, Denni said Malango people strongly call on the Government to return the land to them as traditional owners.

“If the ruling Democratic Coalition for Change Government can return alienated lands on Makira Ulawa Province and other provinces to traditional landowners, what is so hard about doing the same to Lungga- Tenaru Land?

“Why is the Solomon Islands Government ignoring and neglecting our call for return of our land.

“We call on the Government to do the right thing and return our land to us.”

Furthermore, Denni said the people of Malango strongly call on people from other areas on Guadalcanal and other provinces to respect their traditional customary ownership and stop illegal entry or intrusion into their customary land.

“People should respect our rights and do not come and settle illegally.

“We further call on people settling illegally to refrain from constructing permanent residences or setting up business operations because we are going to get our land back.

“People living illegally within Lungga -Tenaru land should start moving out instead of building.

“We are determined in our resolve to get our land back as our land is our resource, our security and our future,” Denni said.

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