Maka’a : Full internet needed to enable digital banking

The Makira Ulawa Provincial Premier, Julian Maka’a has said in Kira Kira, the Provincial capital, that advancing technology can mean Solomon Islands will have full access to internet – thus going into digital banking.

He uttered the sentiment while making his closing remarks of two days of consultations on traditional governance run by three officials of the Ministry of Traditional Governance.

Mr Maka’a said when that becomes real, hopefully, next year Solomon Islands would access the internet and would become the first country in the South Pacific to go into digital banking.

He said the Ministry of Traditional Governance can use this technology to promote the Traditional Governance and Customs Facilitation Bill 2018.

Premier Maka’a feels constant promotion and information sharing will be needed in order to make the new Bill or Law, once passed by Parliament, to be understood and adhered to by ordinary Solomon Islanders.

He also said that donors today stress the importance of including women in the decision making processes, and as it has been highlighted that if the law is silent on women, they may be excluded from the processes although they could be included in sub-committees or committees.

Mr Maka’a said the need for including a curriculum on the set up in the school system must be considered in order to ensure the future generations understand and value it.

In the final analysis, Mr Maka’a said the State-owned radio, the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, the SIBC, can help with the promotion of the new law when implemented.

But he requested the Traditional Governance consultant team to raise “our complaint that SIBC signals are very poor and need to be improved so our link with the national government through the media is re-strengthened and maintained.

“SIBC is a communication medium that can help in the promotion of the new law”.

By George Atkin – Kira Kira Correspondent

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