Malaita survey set to go



SURVEY on the socioeconomic, politic and self-autonomy for Malaita province will begin next week.

This after a one-day training for volunteers who will carry out the survey was completed at the Hotel Malaita in Auki yesterday.

A volunteer who attended the training, David Wairimalefo said more than 60 participants attended the training.

He said participants represented 33 wards in 14 constituencies of the province and they will go back to work with their people on the survey.

Wairimalefo said they were told during the training yesterday that the survey will begin next week.

In a recent interview with Premier Daniel Suidani, he said the idea towards the survey was passed by his executive.

Suidani said they have prepared questionnaire forms for the survey and the legitimacy of the volunteers to train and carry out the survey.

Suidani explains that the survey will not only take people’s view on the subject of autonomous, but on other issues like development affecting Malaita province.

He said this survey will be carried out from village to village basis in the 33 wards in the province and eligible people to participate in the survey are only those above 18yrs.

Suidani said the survey will also reach out to Malaitans who are in other provinces and those abroad.

He said Malaitan everywhere are part of the province and the MARA government will ensure they get informed on what the government and its people are pursuing for the province.

Suidani said after the survey, the MARA government will sit-down and look into the data collected on the survey to charter a way forward on the matter.

He said the subject of autonomy is just a portion of the whole program that will be covered during the survey.

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