Mala women calls for ward councils



MALAITA Provincial Council of Women (MPCW) has called on MPAs through the Malaita provincial government to support the establishment of Ward Council of Women (WCW) for the province.

President of MPCW, Martha Rurai has called for the support to ensure each of the 33 wards in the province have their own WCW.

She said setting-up of WCW ‘s are to align with the structure which the Ministry of Women (MWYCFA) through the National Council of Women (NCW) will connect to women in the province.

Rurai said the structure is, Ministry of Women (MWYCFA) through NCW will connect to MPG Women Desk Office and then to MPCW and down to WCWs, Community Council of Women and women in communities.

She said the importance of this link is; this is where programs and activities on women issues will be channeled either from national government or NGOs to reach women.

She said through the arrangement, women will be able to work uniformly on issues facing them within the society in partnership with other stakeholders.

Rurai said so far MPCW has set-up 18 WCWs and 15 WCWs are yet to established.

Rurai said the set-up of the 18 WCWs was done through the supports of donor partners like; SPC, Oxfam and the UN Humanitarian Fund.

She said they are now they left with 15 WCWs and they have invited MPAs through their Ward Development Committees (WDCs) and MPG to support them establish the WCWs.

Rurai said the alignment of this structure is an integral aspect of promoting women issues that has become an important aspect of development of the province and the country.

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