Malaita police praised for community policing



COMMUNITIES around Malaita province have praised the Malaita police for their community policing programme, which is said to be producing a lot of positive results.

Malaita Provincial Police Commander Timothy Apaesi has uttered gratification on the positive feedback received from communities.

PPC Apaesi yesterday said as the programme continues to roll many people got back to police to show their appreciation for the work.

He said from the feedbacks that he has been receiving, communities around the province are once again feeling the presence of police and are seeing the work of RSIPF making an impact in their daily lives.

Apaesi said the programme has especially enlightened people to understand their roles and responsibility to perform in the community for their good.

He added that another change experienced was learning from the CP programme, it enables people to come and report issues of concern in their communities.

Apaesi said this had rarely happened in the past, and that seeing people become more engaged with the police in policing their communities is encouraging and promising a bright future of peaceful living.

He said his office encourages people in the province to continue working with police more closely.

Apaesi said the programme is an ongoing programme, however setbacks on resource is sometimes a problem to his office.

He said a lot of invitations have been received from communities for the programme and he is putting them down under schedule for the programme.

Apaesi however appealed upon everyone in the province to continue with the good spirit in their working partnership with the police.

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